Latrobe Magnesium - turning residual ash into useful magnesium metal


LMG’s project intends to turn fly ash into valuable products, being magnesium and supplementary cementitious material.

Operating costs will be reduced by using existing industrial waste as feedstock. As a result, mining costs will be eliminated and feedstock transportation costs minimised.  Past and continued ash accumulation guarantees the LMG production facility a 20-year life span at full production.

LMG will also minimise energy costs by building close to existing power stations and gas piplines. This will allow the production facility to tap into existing infrastructure.

The facility’s location will provide LMG with access to a large, skilled and available workforce.

LMG intends to sell its initial production of 3,000 tonnes per annum under long term contracts to Japanese and American users, an MOU and an offtake agreement have been signed with reputable companies in both countries. The local market consumes up to 8,000 tonnes per annum, all of which is imported.

Once the initial plant has been successfully commissioned, the plant will be expanded to 40,000 tonnes per annum to also supply Australian and offshore users.

This page updated: 25/06/2015