Latrobe Magnesium - turning residual ash into useful magnesium metal


December 2019

Community Briefing Presentation

October 2019

LMG Secures $2.7 million Project Funding Facility

LMG Secures 10 Year Ash Supply Agreement

LMG Improves Feasibility Study Results to $6.5 million

September 2019

Latrobe Magnesium completes Feasibility Study

LMG provides additional information on its Feasibility Study

January 2019

LMG granted patent for its unique Hydromet process in India

November 2018

LMG bankable study uses proven automated horizontal retorts

September 2018

LMG Secures $2.15 Million Debt Funding

August 2018

Test Results Demonstrate Yallourn Ash Feasible

May 2018

Positive Yallourn Fly Ash Test Results

March 2018

Latrobe Magnesium granted European Union Patent

February 2018

Latrobe Valley Presentation

January 2018

LMG MoU with EnergyAustralia Yallourn for fly ash supply

November 2017

Annual General Meeting Presentation

Latrobe Magnesium completes debt raising of $750,000

June 2017

The German Mining Network Presentation

February 2017

LMG appoint full time General Manager Operations

January 2017

Strong Progress on Feasibility Study

December 2016

Independent Research Report

October 2016

Indonesia Patent Granted

August 2016

Share Purchase Plan

AusIndustry Three Year Advanced Finding for LMG’s R&D Activities

July 2016

LMG acquires 100% of its hydromet process.

Share Placement

June 2016

LMG appoints USA distributor for sale of magnesium

May 2016

LMG moves to final stage of bankable feasibility study

March 2016

MOU with Japan magnesium offtake

December 2015

LMG appoints General Manager Operations

November 2015

China patent granted

October 2015

USA patent granted.

LMG cementitious material continues to outperform fly ash.

August 2015

LMG signs ash supply term sheet with Hazelwood Power.

May 2015

Well respected director Jock Murray appointed Chairman

Successful cement test results for China sample

Share Purchase Plan

April 2015

Share Placement

March 2015

Strong initial cement test results

November 2014

Successful commercial tests from China sample.

September 2014

Bulk treated fly ash dispatched to China for testing.

May 2014

Share Purchase Plan closed oversubscribed.

March 2014

Concept study indicates German magnesium plant is economically viable.

November 2013

LMG secures additional funding.

October 2013

LMG Secures Brownfield site in Latrobe Valley.

LMG granted Australian Patent for unique hydromet process.

September 2013

LMG cementitious material tests reinforce strong results.

August 2013

LMG successful in removing additional iron from RWE fly ash.

July 2013

Events and timetable shown for the next six months.

May 2013

Funding secured to achieve next milestones.

April 2013

Cementitious material behaves similar to portland cement.

March 2013

Adjustment Study completed and value of project rises to $120 million.

January 2013

LMG announces German concept study.
LMG achieves strong results with its cementitious material.

November 2012

LMG progresses magnesium plant with a visit from BTE.

July 2012

RWE fly ash hydromet test work successful.

LMG reduces capital cost to $35-$40 million and size of initial plant to 5,000 tonnes per annum.

May 2012

Agreement with Beijing Tieforce Engineering (BTE).

March 2012

Agreement with Large Swiss Cement Company.

November 2011

Commencement of Adjustment Study.

October 2011

Agreement with Large German Electricity Company for Magnesium Recovery from Fly Ash.

Extend agreement with Yallourn power station to test fly ash for magnesium extraction.

Completion of the pre- feasibility study.

September 2011

Technology Agreement with Ecoengineers to apply for an International Patent for the hydrometallurgical process.

August 2011

Option Agreement to acquire Errida Creek Rare Earths Project.

July 2011

Appointment of Clark & Marron to provide consulting services on the pre-feasibility study.

June 2011

Appointment of GHD Pty Ltd as consulting engineers on the prefeasibility study.

March 2011

Appointment of Hazelwood Project Director, Mr Jim Siemon.

November 2010

Commencement of a pre-feasibility study.

September 2010

Magnesium recovery rates between 80% and 95% achieved.

September 2009

Heads of Agreement executed with Ecoengineers to jointly own the hydromet process.

September 2008

Ecoengineers phase one study concludes separation of anhydrite from the fly ash increases recovery of magnesium.

October 2007

Clark and Marron appointed to assess thermal reduction process as an alternative to the electrolysis process.

March 2005

David Stewart appointed as a consultant to oversee the Latrobe Magnesium Project.

September 2004

Latrobe Magnesium investigates the use of the Russian technology.

August 2002

At a General Meeting, shareholder approval was obtained to acquire the Latrobe Magnesium Project subject to the completion of the pre-feasibility study to the reasonable satisfaction of the Board of Directors and the changing of the Company’s name to Latrobe Magnesium Limited.

November 2001

Agreement with Magnesium Investments Pty Ltd to fund a pre-feasibility study of the Latrobe Magnesium Project.

October 2001

Magnesium Investments Pty Ltd entered into an agreement with Hazelwood Power for the supply of ash to a magnesium smelter.

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